CSI style: Audio and Visual Recordings Authenticated in Time and Location

CSI style: Audio and Visual Recordings Authenticated in Time and Location

By Gaia Smith

UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND. Researchers just took CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) a leap further by devising a system that could authenticate time and location of a recording, determine if it is tampered, and synchronize it with other recordings.

It is a novel natural timestamp that detects the natural interference caused by the 50/60 Hertz electrical network frequency (ENF) authenticating time and location of a recording. The ENF is generated regardless of the recording device used, with an inherent time and location data.

Furthermore, the system could determine if it is tampered or edited through digital tools. It also enables stitching and alignment through an A/V editing software and thus synchronizes it with other recordings. Which means that beyond CSI, the technology could also be applied in other fields that need information assurance and Audio/ Video Stitching and Synchronization.

It’s not a surprise that the invention is a winner in the University of Maryland’s 25th Annual Invention of the Year Awards in the Information Science Category.

Invention  Environmental Signatures for Forensic Analysis and Alignment of Media Recordings
Organization University of Maryland, Baltimore USA
Researcher Ravi Garg, Avinash Varna, Min Wu
Field(s) Information Technology
Further Information http://www.otc.umd.edu/Technology.php?recid=3719http://www.newsdesk.umd.edu/uniini/print.cfm?articleID=2671

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