Medical In Vivo-diagnostic And Treatment Through RFID-Application

Medical In Vivo-diagnostic And Treatment Through RFID-Application

By Shinji Tutoru

JULIUS-MAXIMILIAN’S UNIVERSITY OF WURZBURG, GERMANY.The invention is an In The Body (In Vivo) device consisting of an actuator that is actively triggered from the exterior through an RFID transponder for In The Body treatment of a patient. This device can be implanted or swallowed.

In the field of medicine, there are certain human organs that can be accessed from the outside through the body’s natural orifice. This method has been used for examination and for medical treatment.

For the treatment of any stomach problem, examination or medical treatment can be done via the body’s natural opening which is the mouth, oral cavity and the esophagus. This kind of procedure can be limiting the desired need for monitoring the actual state of the body. In this case, intestinal motility can be properly and fully observed only with a special device.

This kind of medical scenario led to the invention of an RFID-application that can do the necessary examination and monitoring of internal human organs. Since the device can be swallowed or implanted, it can be triggered from the outside using an RFID transponder. The use of an active pharmaceutical substance can be released inside the patient’s body for proper diagnosis and in the body treatment.

The In The Body device can be swallowed and implanted. In this manner, numerous physical disorders and diseases can be monitored, diagnosed and treated. Humans and animals can immensely benefit from this device. People with constant stomach problems can benefit from it especially when it needs to monitor intestinal motility. What used to be difficult internal organs to monitor can now be easily monitored. One vital organ is the liver. This device can rigorously monitor all its activities once implanted.

Patients who have undergone medical surgery can benefit from this invention. The device can consistently monitor the patient’s body to ensure his or her smooth recovery. Another good thing about this device is that it can be combined with a deterrent pharmaceutical composition which will reduce the high possibility of wrong drug administration.

Invention In The Body Device Via RFID
Organization Julius-Maximilian’s University of Würzburg, Germany
Researcher Undisclosed
Field(s) Medicine, Health, Internal Body Monitoring
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