Packing Power in boxes and sending for Disaster Relief

Packing Power in boxes and sending for Disaster Relief

By Gaia Smith

PRINCETON UNIVERSITY, USA. A group of students from different fields created power that can be stored and shipped to different places around the globe. Their inspiration was the earthquake that tore Haiti in 2010 where there was power loss and lack of water. They created a 40-foot tall wind turbine with a series of solar panels that can be “telescoped” out of its box. It is collapsible and can be stored in 20-foot steel boxes which are standard for shipping. The students call their invention “Power in a Box”. 

This invention is made to replace diesel-powered generators which makes the invention clean and sustainable. This could also provide low cost electricity to far-flung rural areas like Africa because it could pay for itself for only a year.

The invention has also won a competition sponsored by the US Environmental Protection Agency which is called “P3:People, Prosperity and the Planet Student Design Competition for Sustainability”

They are currently developing the invention to further generate more power in time for their tour in Africa.

Invention Power in a Box
Organization Princeton University
Researcher Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) students
Field(s) Sustainable Energy, Disaster Relief
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