Smart Cars for Elderly Drivers!

Smart Cars for Elderly Drivers!

By Shinji Tutoru

NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE IN THE NORTH-EAST OF ENGLAND. A smart car for elderly drivers that can monitor vitals signs and  is equipped with custom navigation tools, intuitive speed adapter and night vision enhancers is able to provide comfort driving to elderly drivers.

There are many elderly drivers who simply gave up driving due to their physiological conditions. Many of them have noticed that their reaction times have tremendously slowed down. This greatly affected their driving skills and have left them wondering about their own safety when driving.

Newcastle University’s DriveLab is currently improving the smart car they have developed for elderly drivers. The original goal is to provide safety tools and measures for older drivers when they are driving. However, the smart car has embraced a wider range of driving assistance and continues to help the auto industry in finding the best solution for distracted driving cases and traffic jams. It even made the roads safer for drivers belonging to any age bracket.

Incorporation of various technological advancements in DriveLab’s smart car such as an eye-tracking technology that can monitor a driver’s concentration and driving habits, will provide safe and comfortable driving for elderly drivers. It can also fairly measure if a young driver has driving practices like texting while driving.

DriveLab’s car makes navigation easier. It can easily assess the speed of oncoming traffic. This is a big help to elderly drivers especially when they need to make tricky right turns. and also to those who are still learning to drive.

Its navigation system guides its drivers to roads or routes that they are comfortable with and can be used to avoid congested roads. This feature can provide so much convenience to drivers in reaching their destination with less hurdles.

DriveLab’s smart car can absolutely improve the driving conditions for any elderly driver. Since it is continuously improved, there will be more beneficial features that will promote safe driving for all drivers from different age brackets.

Invention DriveLab’s Smart Car
Organization Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne in the north-east of England
Researcher Newcastle University’s DriveLab
Field(s) Auto Industry
Further Information Mobiledia

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