Tumor treatment can remove scars too.

Tumor treatment can remove scars too.

By Gaia Smith

UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, CANADA. What was supposed to be a research on tumor treatment led a Canadian surgeon to discover a scar reduction treatment. Dr. Alman’s research looks into inhibiting the activity of myofibroblasts, contractile cells which secrete collagen. These myofibroblasts are considered responsible for the development of desmoid tumors, which is the primary topic of interest for Dr. Alman.

The substance involved is from an old analgesic which is formulated for a new use and is said to be a pain pill stronger than aspirin.

Collagen and myofibroblasts also play a primary role in scar formation. The principle was applied in a topical cream which is able to reduce surgical scars to less than half its original size, if applied daily for three weeks.

Dr. Alman hopes that he could get it developed into an oral form and help those afflicted with rare but benign desmoid tumor.

Invention Scar reduction topical cream
Organization University of Toronto
Researcher Dr. Benjamin Alman
Field(s) medicine, dermatology, oncology
Further Information The Globe and Mail

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