Using eNose In Identifying Bombs, Diseases And Harmful Chemicals

By Shinji Tutoru

CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, CALIFORNIA, USA. The human and canine nose is being mimicked by the eNose. This invention can identify dangerous bombs, harmful diseases and chemicals. This is a breakthrough in protecting  lives from being exposed to life-threatening situations. It can identify diseases via it’s sensors, detect a wide range of harmful toxins and save the lives of trained bomb-sniffing dogs .

A Chemistry professor from Caltech invented the eNose for law enforcement. Nate Lewis wanted an application that can alert security officials of any possible threats or dangers in their field of work.

The medical field has embraced the use of mobile technology in providing convenience and efficiency to its services. In fact, there are hospitals that incorporate the use of iPads in medical check-ins. The manual and time-consuming paperwork is being replaced by user-friendly tablets that can easily provide patient information.

There is an existing gaming technology that can assist doctors and nurses in properly assessing autism. This is one of the conveniences that eNose can provide. It can serve as a diagnostic tool while patients are filling out their information via tablets. It can be installed in hospital waiting rooms and can immediately identify diseases via the sensors. The procedure can maximize the time of the doctors and can also aid them if they have overlooked something during their consultation.

The eNose sensors can be also be used in home and office security. They are better replacements for carbon monoxide sensors and can even detect a wide range of harmful toxins. Since the demand for smart homes is increasing, eNose sensors can be easily integrated in home appliances and linked to mobile technology. It can even provide a wide coverage in the different parts of an office or house.

The law enforcement people can even integrate the use of eNose sensors with their existing canine support. It can also save the lives of trained bomb-sniffing dogs especially when grave threat or danger is very near. Areas or buildings that are potential targets of terrorists can install eNoses and be easily warned if there are lethal fumes or toxins that can threat human lives.

Invention eNose
Organization California Institute of Technology, California, USA
Researcher Nate Lewis
Field(s) Medical, Canine Security, Building Security, Home Security, Law Enforcement
Further Information Mobiledia

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