Overcoming Paralysis Through Mind-Controlled Robots

Overcoming Paralysis Through Mind-Controlled Robots

By Shinji Tutoru

BROWN UNIVERSITY, RHODE ISLAND, USA. The BrainGate2 study resulted to the development of a neural interface that can translate a user’s thought into a robotic arm. This robotic arm machine can complete tasks based on the commands provided by the thoughts of a user.

Scientists are helping paralyzed people in moving objects with the use of their minds. This goal can be achieved with the use of sophisticated tools. In this case, a robotic arm machine that can communicate into action the thoughts of a paralyzed individual.

The neural interface operates through the tiny devices that are implanted on the user’s brain. This innovation definitely requires surgery but the results are very promising. There have been two tetraplegic (paralyzed arms and legs) patients who completed the trial tests and were able to move objects with the use of their thoughts alone.

Currently, scientists are doing the necessary improvements of the robotic arm so that speed and accuracy will be perfected. Once achieved, it will absolutely boost the confidence of paralyzed people in completing tasks using the robotic arm. This innovation will certainly empower people who are physically incapacitated. They will be able to do things by themselves (i.e. feeding themselves), reach for stuff and do numerous activities that they were deprived of when they got paralyzed.

The cost for this kind of technological innovation can be very expensive. Continuous research and product development will provide opportunities that will help lessen the cost of such innovation. Soon, our world may have to end the use of the word “paralyzed″ since people with physical challenges will be empowered and will be back to being functional beings.

Invention Robotic Arm Machine
Organization Brown University, Rhode Island, USA
Researcher Brown University scientists
Field(s) Hemiplegic, Paraplegic, Tetraplegic, Quadriplegic, Robotics, Neurology, Mind Control
Further Information Mobiledia

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