Chirp Is the Next Twitter

Chirp Is the Next Twitter

By Shinji Tutoru

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON, LONDON, UK. Chirp is an app that enables users to share contents between smartphones faster and easier with a 2-second “digital birdsong”. The good thing about using Chirp to share contents with other smartphones is that you don’t have to wait very long for sluggish Bluetooth transfers. At the same time, you don’t have to pair your devices just to enable content sharing. All you need to do is to run your Chirp app and wait for it to pick up the 2-second noise from the content source. The “digital birdsong” will then trigger the download which will take less than a second to complete.

The Ease of Connectivity with Chirp

Before the Chirp, we only had Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or links to cloud-based storage. The problem with these options is that it takes time to send the content to all the devices that you need to share it with. Also, you won’t need wireless connection and you don’t need to pair your devices anymore just to move data.

Chirp was developed by Animal Systems, a separate business from University College London. Patrick Bergel is the company’s chief executive and he is currently the one in charge of speaking about the software’s specifications on behalf of the firm. As early as 1980, data was already being passed between machines through sound. Chirp is just a digital version of that old method which has become even more useful in the modern times. The app was launched with only a five-man team. Currently, they are growing very fast and soon, Chirp and Animal Systems will become common household names.

Even if you were in a very noisy place, Chirp will be able to recognize the unique 2-second “digital birdsong” and will start downloading content that will last for about a second or two. It is also designed to work over radio transmissions or even public address systems. That way, it will easily allow broadcasters to send links to background information and updated pictures to their listeners.

In the same way, Chirp will make it relatively easier and more convenient for advertisers to send out promotional videos, coupons and even song snippets over the airwaves. Also, it allows users to share their own content in their smartphone over Chirp. They just need to select items they want to share and the app automatically creates a unique 2-second sound-wave for it which the user can share with anyone with Chirp.

Where Can It Be Downloaded?

Right now, Chirp is only available for Apple iPhone users. However, Mr. Bergel promised that the app will be available for Android soon. That way, everyone will be able to share content between any smartphone with the use of Chirp. In the future, Chirping might even be as popular as Tweeting.

Invention Chirp
Organization University College London, London, UK
Researcher Animal Systems
Field(s) Mobile Technology, File Sharing, Mobile Applications, Bluetooh, Cloud-based, Wi-Fi
Further Information BBC

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