The Store Assistant That Doesn’t Need To Get Paid To Work

The Store Assistant That Doesn’t Need To Get Paid To Work

By Shinji Tutoru

CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY, PENNSYLVANIA, USA. AndyVision is a robot that was created to help out in a number of retail store jobs. It is supposed to replace real humans for entry-level retail jobs which include tallying how many items are available in the store shelves. Also, AndyVision will be able to tell what is out of place in the store shelf and with the use of 3D and 2D images, it will be able to evaluate the sales floor easily.

The inspiration behind the creation of AndyVision is to improve any shopping experience and make retailers happy. At the same time, the robot will be able to keep everything in its right place without having to spend money on labor cost. At the same time, the robot won’t be using lots of energy just to get the job done.

Professor Priya Narasimhan said that “The idea for AndyVision was born out of me being a shopper”. She headed the research and development for the robot and was successful enough to come up with a very effective retail store assistant. Their team was able to present what AndyVision is capable of at an Intel Research Labs event in San Francisco.

The development of AndyVision could be what most store retailers need at this time. It’s having a cost-efficient store assistant that does not require any salary and yet, do the job of several store assistants at once. Although this could be good news to business owners, this could also mean lesser jobs for entry level positions.

In the future, AndyVision might even be able to use facial recognition technology which a lot of companies are currently using. Having a robot to do the job of several men at once is something to be thankful for. It not only makes your business grow faster but you also save on money, energy and time. Perhaps AndyVision could become a conversational robot in the next few years.

Invention AndyVision
Organization Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, USA
Researcher Professor Priya Narasimhan & Team
Field(s) Kinect Sensor, Robotics, Store Inventory, Artificial Intelligence
Further Information Mobiledia

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