Coming Soon: Electricity-Free Air Conditioning System For The Home

Coming Soon: Electricity-Free Air Conditioning System For The Home

By Shinji Tutoru

QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA. A solar cooling and heating system is currently being developed by a researcher in Australia. It will be used mainly for homes and won’t need electricity to run. We all know that everyone wants to have free energy for their homes. With the rising cost of energy and the pollution energy generation creates, solar power is definitely the answer.

In Australia alone, most households spend about 65% of their total monthly bills on heating and cooling devices. More than cooking and other home activities that require energy consumption, air conditioning systems are the main targets for energy saving.

This electricity-free cooling system is being developed by Paolo Corrada, a PhD student in Queensland University of Technology’s Faculty of Science and Engineering. He is also the researcher and the designer of the system. Currently, the system is able to cut energy consumption by 90%. However, he is working on making it 100% self-sufficient so it won’t cost anything to produce energy for every home.

The system being created is based on using an absorption chiller, an efficient and well-proven technology. To get rid of the heat, an absorption chiller uses a chemical process. Also, it is more effective when waste heat is being used. Waste heat is the heat being produced by machines and other electrical equipment. The process also uses renewable energy directly from the sun which makes it an excellent solution to energy saving.

Invention Solar Cooling and Heating System
Organization Queensland University Of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
Researcher Paolo Corrada
Field(s) Renewable Energy, Green Energy, Cooling System, Absorption Refrigeration, Solar Energy, Air-conditioning System
Further Information Phys Org

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