Virgin Olive Oil And Its Ibuprofen-like Properties

Virgin Olive Oil And Its Ibuprofen-like Properties

By Shinji Tutoru

DEAKIN UNIVERSITY, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA. Virgin Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties that has the potential in protecting muscle inflammation as seen in conditions like muscular dystrophy. The reduction of inflammatory diseases especially in elderly people can greatly lower the risks of falls and fractures worldwide.

The daily diet being observed by the population in the Mediterranean consumes 25-50ml of extra virgin olive oil. Studies show that they have a low risk of chronic inflammatory disease such as rheumatoid arthritis. The effects of oleocanthal that can be found in olive oil on a long-term basis provide a protective effect on inflammatory diseases.

Lisa Lucas from the Deakin University is the one working on this project. It is a known fact that anti-inflammatory drugs may have adverse effects on elderly people especially on the processing of muscle maintenance. In this case, a good substitute for these drugs is the daily dose of olive oil over a long period of time in their diet.

A dose of 25-50ml of extra virgin olive oil is equivalent to 10% of the anti-inflammatory effect of a single dose of ibuprofen. Since oleocanthal has a peppery bite, the study is now focusing on testing if there is a connection between a person’s sensitivity to the throat irritation caused by it and its effect on muscle cells. People who are highly insensitive and highly sensitive will take part in the next phase of the study that will check on the effect of this natural anti-inflammatory on their muscle cells.

Invention Olive Oil
Organization Deakin University, Victoria, Australia
Researcher Lisa Lucas
Field(s) Anti-inflammatory Drugs, Virgin Olive Oil, Chronic Inflammatory Diseases, Nutrition Sciences, Muscular Dystrophy
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