Self-Healing Synthetic Skin Can Also Conduct Electricity

Self-Healing Synthetic Skin Can Also Conduct Electricity

By Shinji Tutoru

STANFORD UNIVERSITY, CALIFORNIA, USA. Researchers have developed a material that is closely similar to the human skin. Unlike other synthetic skins that were created before, this new one is as close as can be to the real thing. It has the ability to sense pressure and it can also heal cuts and tears. Before this medical breakthrough, the earlier versions of the synthetic skin were only able to heal by itself just once or under high heat.

The new material is now able to heal by itself in room temperature and can heal unlimited times just like the normal human skin. One thing that sets the newly-developed material apart from the other synthetic skins ever created is the ability to conduct electricity which is a very important component. Researchers were able to make this possible by adding nickel to a plastic polymer.

The material is also able to sense pressure from a simple handshake to a movement such as a change in position. With that, it makes it even an even more attractive option for creating prosthetic limbs. After being under pressure, the material is able to restore at least 75 percent of its strength and conductivity in a few seconds. At about 30 minutes, the material is able to restore its 100 percent strength and conductivity. The best thing about this material is that it does not lose its self-healing properties after repeated damage has been done to the same area.

Professor Zhenan Bao leads the team of researchers at the Stanford University’s Department of Electrical Engineering. Right now, the material is not ready for commercial production just yet. However, the researchers are looking forward to using the material for other purposes aside from prosthetics. They are still developing more uses for the material to make sure they are maximizing its capabilities.

Invention Synthetic Skin
Organization Stanford University, California, USA
Researcher Prof. Zhenan Bao & team
Field(s) Personal Electronics, Prosthetics, Self-healing Materials, Green Technology, Nanotechnology
Further Information Inhabitat

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