Video Gamers Proven To Be Better Virtual Surgeons

Video Gamers Proven To Be Better Virtual Surgeons

By Shinji Tutoru

UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MEDICAL BRANCH, TEXAS, USA. Scientists have recently proven their hunch that young students who played video games regularly are actually better off with virtual surgery tools than regular virtual surgeons and other medical residents in practice. Although a lot of people find playing video games as a good way to waste one’s time, it is also a good way to practice your skills with virtual surgery tools.

Although it is not being suggested that young video games are better medical surgeons, it is still one factor that medical practitioners might want to consider. In fact, it could be a more entertaining way to get used to virtual surgery tools. It is just about time that we put those hours of video games into good use.

This way, we will be able to encourage our children who love to play video games to become more effective medical surgeons when they need to choose a career. They get to play with the video games they love. At the same time, they get to excel in a career in line with their interest.

Sami Kilic led the study. He is an associate professor and director of minimally invasive gynaecology at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. The study conducted was done to easily identify the developmental effect video games might have on training the skills of future surgeons.

During the study, some US high school and college students were put up against a group of UTMB physicians in a series of robotic surgery simulation tests. After the tests, it was proven that the skills of the students were at par with the skills of the UTMB physicians. This could only mean that playing video games is an effective way to train the skills of virtual medical surgeons.

Invention Virtual Surgery Tools
Organization University of Texas Medical Branch, Texas USA
Researcher Sami Kilic & Team
Field(s) Robotics, Video-gaming, Virtual Surgery Tools
Further Information POPSCI

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