Re-Timer Will Help Get Rid Of Your Jet Lag And Insomnia

Re-Timer Will Help Get Rid Of Your Jet Lag And Insomnia

By Shinji Tutoru

FLINDERS UNIVERSITY, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA. Sleep researchers were able to create a modern device that most international travelers would surely find useful. One of the most common afflictions entailed with international travel is jet lag. Jet lag is a term used for desynchronosis due to a sudden change of time zone as a result of international travel by air.

To help reset your internal sleep clock, the Re-Timer has been developed. It is supposed to help shift your sleep pattern ahead or even slow it down when needed. This modern device is easy to use and is comfortable enough to wear since all you have to do is to wear it like a pair of eye glasses. This device emits a soft green LED light into your eyes which should help you adjust your sleeping patterns by wearing it for at least 50 minutes for 3 days.

Doctor Leon Lack is a psychologist at the Flinders University and he is also one of the co-inventors of the Re-Timer. He claimed that the research they did for the project suggests that green light is actually one of the most effective wavelengths that help advance or delay the body clock. He also said that sleep patterns are often impaired by traveling to other times zones (jet lag), staying indoors, lack of sunlight during winter months or even working during irregular hours. The Re-Timer is now available for $258 on the company’s website and can be recharged through the USB of your computer which makes it very efficient.

Invention Re-Timer
Organization Flinders University, South Australia, Australia
Researcher Dr. Leon Lack
Field(s) Jet Lag, Re-Timer Glasses, Green LED Light, Desynchronosis, Wearable Technology, Insomnia, Seasonal Affective Disorder
Further Information Dvice

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