Ultrasound For Your Car Means Huge Fuel Savings

Ultrasound For Your Car Means Huge Fuel Savings

By Shinji Tutoru

UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD, SOUTH YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND. Just recently, ultrasound technology has been used to develop a new system that will make it more efficient to look inside car engines. This could also mean huge fuel savings for motorists since their engines will become more efficient. Before the development of this system, ultrasound was only used in the healthcare field. In fact, it has never been used to see the actual health of an automobile before.

With the newly developed technology, ultrasound is being used to measure whether the engine’s pistons are moving up and down efficiently inside their cylinders while running. Using the new method to check the actual situation of the car’s engine, it will be easier for manufacturers to confidently adjust lubrication levels to make sure that the engine is in tip top shape.

At the same time, this will also ensure that the engine’s pistons are not over-lubricated. This will dramatically decrease the energy being used by the piston rings just for the lubrication process alone. Also, using the ultrasound technology will give everyone a better understanding on the how the lubricant works inside this sealed chamber.

The study and development of this project was led by Rob Dwyer-Joyce, Professor of Lubrication Engineering at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. He is the genius behind the technology that uses ultrasound to see what’s going on inside a modern combustion engine.

As of now, the team is ready to commercialize this newly developed technology. They have also started looking for some prospective industrial partners who might be interested with the project. Aside from car engines, it may also be used for larger diesel engines that are found in deep water marine vessels.

Invention Ultrasound Scans
Organization University of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Researcher Prof. Rob Dwyer-Joyce
Field(s) Auto, Carbon Emissions, Cars, Energy, Exhaust and Emissions, Ultrasound
Further Information Phys Org

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