Mobile Apps That May Help In Any Weight Loss Program

Mobile Apps That May Help In Any Weight Loss Program

By Shinji Tutoru

NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY, ILLINOIS, USA. A very recent study showed that using a calorie-tracking app on your mobile device could actually help boost weight loss. With today’s modern technology, a lot of people are actually putting almost all the hard work in the hands of mobile apps for obvious reasons. Mobile apps make things easier with a single touch of a screen. It is no wonder that even weight loss programs nowadays are being incorporated with mobile apps to make things much easier for the consumers.

The study was done with the help of 70 overweight men (mostly aged 58 years old). They underwent a comprehensive program wherein some were asked to log their eating activities using the conventional pen and paper. The others were asked to use a calorie-tracking app which was developed by the researchers. At the same time, their progress was monitored by a coach and all of the participants were given classes in nutrition and behavior change.

During the program, 80% of the men who were using the mobile app also attended the health education class. They were able to loss at least 15 pounds and they were able to keep it off for an entire year. Aside from the mobile app, the health education class provided group support which could have also boosted the successful weight loss of some of the participants.

The men who used the app but did not attend the classes, they were able to lose at least 8.6 pounds per participant. As for those who didn’t have the mobile app, they were not able to lose any weight even if they attended the health education classes.

Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine professor of preventive medicine Bonnie Spring is the study author. She said a good calorie-tracking app and group support are two important factors in successful weight loss programs.

Invention Calorie-tracking App
Organization Northwestern University, Illinois, USA
Researcher Bonnie Spring & Team
Field(s) Smartphone, Mobile Applications, Obesity, Health, Weight-loss App
Further Information SciTechDaily

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