Creating Biodegradable And Renewable Plastics Through Pine Sap

Creating Biodegradable And Renewable Plastics Through Pine Sap

By Shinji Tutoru

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA. Through the process of polymerization, pine or Evergreen sap can be chemically altered to become biodegradable plastics. This new breakthrough provides an eco-friendly alternative to materials that are petroleum-based.

The need for green and sustainable materials made Chuanbing Tang look at the unique properties of conifer that holds the key to renewable and biodegradable plastics. Together with his research group, Mr. Tang has been successfully altering the natural resins of pines, evergreens and firs through the process of polymerization. This process enables the creation of compounds that are certainly more sustainable and eco-friendly than plastics that are derived from fossil fuel.

Hydrocarbons thrive in pine sap. Also, rosins and turpentine that are found in trees are very similar to the composition of petroleum. As mentioned earlier, the process of polymerization chemically alters them to become biodegradable plastics. The main concern in renewable bases for plastics is that they are presently inferior in performance when compared with petroleum. The laboratory of Tang was given the National Science Foundation CAREER award so that they can develop and refine the chemistry to make the pine sap more competitive.

Aromatic and cycloaliphatic structures are best found in the molecules derived from trees. They are also good for polymerization. Since they have a natural aversion for water and have rigid molecular structures, they are indeed ideal candidates for an entire legion of new plastics.

Invention Biodegradable Plastics
Organization University of South Carolina, South Carolina, USA
Researcher Chuanbing Tang & Team
Field(s) Clean Technology, Green Materials, Green Technology, Sustainable Materials, Polymerization, Pine Sap, Biodegradable Plastics, Renewable Plastics
Further Information Inhabitat

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