Organic Antimicrobial Protection For Meat From Pecan Shells

Organic Antimicrobial Protection For Meat From Pecan Shells

By Shinji Tutoru

INSTITUTE OF FOOD TECHNOLOGIST, IL, USA. The market for organic products is slowly growing in the consumer market for one simple reason. Consuming organic products promote a healthier option and at the same, a healthier lifestyle. That is why consumers who choose to buy and eat organic products don’t mind paying a higher price for it if it means eliminating synthetic antimicrobials or antioxidants from their daily diet.

Although some food may appear to be healthier than the rest, it could also mean another thing. Some products are even more prone to certain bacteria that could naturally shorten its shelf life and could jeopardize the consumer’s health. Meat products in particular are prone to the bacteria known as Listeria. Although refrigeration could help avoid most bacteria from forming on meat products, Listeria can grow even in the cold temperature of the refrigerator.

Just recently, Researcher Dinesh Babu and his team at the Institute of Food Technologists in Chicago, Illinois were able to come up with a very simple yet effective solution to bacteria growth in meat products using organic pecan shells. Whether roasted or unroasted, the organic pecan shells that were used were subjected to organic extraction processes. That way, the researchers were able to produce antimicrobials that were tested against Listeria spp. and L. monocytogenes bacteria.

The levels of pathogens on the raw chicken skin used for testing decreased by 100 times with the all-natural antimicrobial. At the same time, the levels of spoilage organisms were reduced by more than 1,000 times. This way, the shelf life of the chicken that was used for the test greatly increased. The study proved that the use of organic pecan shell extract is an effective antimicrobial that is safe and all-natural.

Invention Organic Antimicrobial Protection For Meat From Pecan Shells
Organization Institute of Food Technologists
Researcher Dinesh Babu and Team
Field(s) Nutrition, health, organic, natural, antimicrobial
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