Unique Way Of Talking To Your Dog With New Device

Unique Way Of Talking To Your Dog With New Device

By Shinji Tutoru

NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY, NC, USA. A new device, called Cyber Enhanced Working Dog (CEWP), may be every dog lover’s wish come true: a state of the art harness which enables communication with your pet. Resembling a traditional dog harness, it is equipped with state of the art technology including GPS, microphones, cameras, gas sensors, vibration motors, and even an automated doggie-treat dispenser. The pet’s owner then uploads the data collected via a computer.

With the help of this harness, pet owners can remotely analyze and keep track of their dog’s feelings and actions, as well as execute different voice commands, with potential for trainers to incorporate specific actions with haptic feedback. The prototype is about 4 pounds with a battery, and there are plans to create smaller sizes which can fit all types of dogs. While there are numerous applications for this kind of invention in addition to domestic pet training, the inventors’ eventual goal is to have CWEP-equipped dogs work with drones and robots so that missions like search and rescue operations would be diversified.

The research was headed by David Roberts, a professor at North Carolina State University. Roberts’ goal with this invention is that it can be used to assist guide dogs improve the way they attend to their owners, to comfort dogs and puppies at shelters, and even heal separation anxiety of some pets. His aim is to have a unique way of relating to pets using technology, and is hoping to have it available in the market soon.

Invention Unique Way Of Talking To Your Dog With New Device
Organization North Carolina State University
Researcher Professor David Roberts & Team
Field(s) Animals, Pets, Dogs, communication system
Further Information http://www.popsci.com/article/gadgets/high-tech-harness-lets-you-communicate-your-dog?dom=PSC&loc=recent&lnk=9&con=hightech-harness-lets-you-communicate-with-your-dog

image courtesy of pixabay.com

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