Worry-Free Security Device For Your Home

Worry-Free Security Device For Your Home

By Shinji Tutoru
UNIVERSITY OF LINCOLN, LINCOLNSHIRE, ENGLAND: Fearing for the safety of our homes and businesses may never be a problem again thanks to a new technology called eLOQ, or electromechanical keys. This state-of-the-art software system developed by a team of British computer scientists and security specialists prevents lock picking and key copying by using custom electronic keys.
This new device was created by a group of inventors led by Doctor John Murray from the University of Lincoln’s School of Computer Science.  Nandagopal Raja Lakshminarayanan, a Knowledge Transfer Partnership associate; and Peter Corlett from Lincoln Security aided in the development of this groundbreaking technology.

The group claims that in addition to the security risks associated with using typical key and locks, it is expensive for businesses organizations to change locks and keys.  This technology prevents keys from ever being lost or duplicated, thus greatly enhancing security, and also cuts down the costs of replacing traditional lock setups.  Lost keys can easily be deleted by the user, and although two keys can be programmed alike, each one leaves its own unique record within the system.  Security advantages also include definitive start and expiration dates for each key, and customizable access privileges for each user which detail what locks they can open and when.

The inventors have a goal to support traditional locksmiths who want to take advantage of 21st century technology, while also providing security to every home and business.  This program is supported through the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP).
Invention Worry-Free Security Device For Your Home
Organization University of Lincoln
Researcher Doctor John Murray & Team
Field(s) home security, keys, locks, locksmiths
Further Information http://phys.org/news/2014-10-smart-key-software-homes-businesses.html

image courtesy of pixabay.com

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