New UV Light Sensors with Greater Performance

New UV Light Sensors with Greater Performance

By Shinji Tutoru

UNIVERSITY OF SURREY, ENGLAND, UK. Recently, a team of researchers invented a new use for zinc oxide. By improvising the material, they were able to create an ultra-sensitive UV light sensor.The material that is usually used in ceramics, glass and paint is made even better for fire and gas detection now because of this discovery. According to the researcher, this custom made nanomaterial is very affordable and its versatility is suitable depending on the need.

Currently, only the bulkier smoke fragments in thick smoke are being identified by the photoelectric smoke sensors. These sensors are not able to distinguish the scanty ones especially from fire that are fast blazing. The inventors also concluded that because the sensitivity was boosted, it lets the sensor discover fragments that are released at the start of the fire.

According to Professor Ravi Silva, co-author of the study and head of the University of Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute, they had converted zinc oxide to a fibery nanowire form and added more surface. The traditional state of this material was like a smooth and flat film. Because of this transformation, the material’s reaction became faster and more sensitive than before. They believe that the new UV light sensors had greater performance.

The researchers are still trying to develop this material in which they believe will have an important role when it comes to personal electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It will help boost the gadgets performance reacting with 1000 times more agility than the common zinc oxide detectors. This sensor is also expected to monitor air pollution which is very substantial.

Invention New UV Light Sensors with Greater Performance
Organization University of Surrey Advanced Technology Institute
Researcher Professor Ravi Silva & Team
Field(s) sensors, UV Light, smoke detector, University of Surrey
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