Innovative Smart Cane For The Blind With Facial Recognition

Innovative Smart Cane For The Blind With Facial Recognition

By Shinji Tutoru

BIRMINGHAM CITY UNIVERSITY, BIRMINGHAM, UK. The ‘XploR’ smart/mobility cane utilizes the technology used in smartphones to distinguish familiar faces from up to 10 meters away. It also has a GPS that aids in navigation. This smart cane will empower and help visually impaired individuals in easily identifying their loved ones and friends.

The team from Birmingham City University is composed of Richard Howlett, Steve Adigbo and Waheed Rafiq. One of the main inspirations for this invention was Steve’s blind grandfather. The smart cane will be very useful for blind people especially when they need to be alerted of an approaching friend, relative or family member.

The XploR was designed to detect faces up to 10 meters away. It will vibrate when it detects a recognizable individual from a database of images stored in an internal SD memory card. The smart cane will also guide users towards loved ones and friends via an earpiece and an audio guide. This procedure will be made possible via the Bluetooth technology where the information will be relayed.

This device is something that has not been created before. Millions of visually impaired individuals will surely be delighted to have the special features of this smart mobility cane. A device that is lightweight and easy to use is a big relief especially in terms of navigation. It will create a big difference in the lives of blind people. Also, this will promote the quality of service that healthcare companies provide to their customers.

Invention Innovative Smart Cane For The Blind With Facial Recognition
Organization Birmingham City University
Researcher Richard Howlett and Team
Field(s) Neuroscience, Engineering
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