How to Prepare for a Career in Industry

How to Prepare for a Career in Industry

By Jessie Towns

Snagging a challenging, career-building job in a science or engineering discipline is more difficult than ever.

According to a recent survey done by, nearly 40,000 students graduated from US universities with a Science or Engineering PhD. Half of which were unemployed when they received their diplomas.

In order to prepare for a career in industry, Gareth Hughes joined the PreScouter Global Scholars Program to build his skills outside of the classroom. Over the course of two years in the program, Gareth gained valuable experience by the exposure to corporate challenges.

“As a PreScouter Scholar, I was exposed to technologies or problems that went beyond my research in grad school. My academic research was very focused, and if I wasn’t doing PreScouter, I wouldn’t have learned a lot of other things in such a structured way. All of the technologies I learned about were relevant to current industry research. They were things that companies care about today and I was at the forefront of those problems.”

At his current position at 3M in Saint Paul, he has been using the same mindset he acquired in the program, learning about new technologies and whether or not it would be good to investigate. His experience with PreScouter gave him the opportunity to learn how companies came up with ideas and their thought process behind implementation. The technique of building reports in the program is applicable to his current role.

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more challenging to compete in the job market. PreScouter offers a unique experience to PhD holders who are able to develop valuable skills they can take to employers and even present to clients in the Fortune 500 or hundreds of research and development professionals over a webinar.


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