Phase Change Materials: Disruptive Technology Webinar

Phase Change Materials: Disruptive Technology Webinar

By Amanda Elliott

Phase Change Materials are a game-changer  with the potential to accelerate  the creation of major breakthroughs in technical areas spanning from robotics engineering to  drug delivery.

The general concept of phase change is as simple as the transition from water to ice. R&D professionals and scientists around the world are now able to bring this transformation process to their industry through Phase Change Materials.

PreScouter will break down the ongoing development, applications and industrial impact of Phase Change Materials in the next Disruptive Technology Webinar Series on June 9th, 2016. We will be analyzing key technologies that are impacting multiple industries today, as well as providing insights into data and Phase Change Materials research to propose future implications for Phase Change Materials.

Game-Changing Applications for Phase Change Materials:

Phase Change Materials are being implemented in drug delivery, in fabrics and in robotics engineering. Here are a few areas that Phase Change Materials are disrupting today’s scientific approaches and solving problems:

  • Phase Change Materials as cures for cancers:

Phase Change Materials might be used to detect diseases such as cancers, cardiovascular failure, Autism, and more. They can both identify diseases and monitor their progression.

  • Phase Change Materials as hot and cold fabrics:

Phase Change Materials create clothes that act like an A/C during hot summer months.

  • Phase Change Materials as an artificial brain:

Phase Change Materials can create Phase Change Memory cells which robotics engineers might be use to create an artificial brain.

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Benefits of Attending Phase Change Webinar:

From AI to Drug Delivery: How Phase Change Materials Are Disrupting Your Industry is one of many webinars PreScouter presents about breakthrough technologies. Please visit past Disruptive Technology Webinars here to learn about other disruptive technologies like Graphene and synthetic biology.

Here’s insight from webinar attendees about the benefits of PreScouter’s disruptive series webinars:

“Good overview of the technologies and market potential.”

“[I liked] how extensively each presenter talked about their assigned technology.”

“It was good to have all those trends compiled in one concise presentation.”

“[This webinar provided] technical overview of some of the key potential game-changer technologies.”

The Phase Change Materials Webinar provides a brief overview and insight into Phase Change Materials.

Two PhD students from Carnegie Mellon University and Boston College, who are part of the PreScouter Scholar network, presented alongside PreScouter’s lead scientist, Marija Jovic, about our in-depth Phase Change Materials report highlighting the following:

  • A General Overview of Phase Change Materials and the Market
  • How Phase Change Materials Are Applied Across Industries
  • Misconceptions about Phase Change Materials

Identifying Disruptive Technology:

PreScouter taps into cutting edge research at top-tier universities by creating a Scholar network. These Scholars use their research skills and scientific expertise to apply to real-world issues and corporate innovations.

Through extensive research with scholars and clients, PreScouter has been identifying game-changer technologies.

Phase Change Materials Webinar:

Companies like PepsiCo are already solving R&D problems through Phase Change Materials.

At PreScouter, we help companies find the most innovative solutions to any challenge. Contact us today and challenge us with yours!

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