IoT: The Technological Disruptor of the Future

IoT: The Technological Disruptor of the Future

By Shehwar Ali

The IT world has evolved vastly in the past few decades. We’ve come from room-sized computers to palm-sized personal smartphones. The next big thing in the world of IT is the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT is a new form of technology that makes all your devices smart. Information can be exchanged between these devices via the internet without the need for any human interaction. The idea may seem scary to some but this is the future, and the infamous Internet of Things is a major step towards artificial intelligence.

How IoT Is Revolutionizing the Technological World

The Internet of Things has been considered to be the next revolution in the technological world after smartphones, and many big companies are transitioning their businesses towards this concept, like G.E., a company that will be speaking at PreScouter’s annual disruptive technology event in Chicago.

Here, we provide examples of how five prominent companies, that have entered the world of IoT to become leaders in their own field. They are part of a list of 75 Midwestern Companies leading the IoT space.

Tech Giant Accenture:

One of the first tech giants to show interest in the concept of the Internet of Things was Accenture, a global technology and operational services company based in Ireland. Since 1989, the company has been providing technological and operational services to millions of clients. It is considered as one of the world’s biggest tech service providers and one of the contractors for software and hardware development for the US government.

Accenture’s latest move is to take on cyber security to keep the massive amount of data being exchanged over the internet safe and secure – another major step in enhancing the IoT industry.

Smartphone Superstar One Plus Corp:

One Plus Corp is a global smartphone manufacturer based in China. Started in 2013, this a fairly new startup company has taken the tech world by storm with its high quality, mid-ranged smartphones. Today, One Plus Corp is one of the smartphone industry’s giants competing with longstanding companies like Apple and Samsung.

Recently, One Plus Corp announced the acquisition of Smartbin, an Irish startup based on the Internet of Things. Smartbin’s platform uses IoT for smart waste management. Smartbin’s acquisition by OnePlus is the company’s first step towards the IoT market.

Energy & Power Guru Schneider Electric:

Schneider Electric, a French energy and power management company almost 180 years old, recently showed an interest in the IoT platform for its energy management projects. They announced a partnership with Microsoft to work on their IoT platform with the help of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. The company has developed a digital protocol that will be used to control one of the biggest solar farms in Europe through the Internet of Things.

Motorola Spinoff Motorola Solutions:

Motorola Solutions is an American tech company based in Illinois. The company succeeded Motorola Inc. after the spinoff of the mobility division in 2011. Motorola was at one time the biggest mobile phone company in the world.

Motorola Solutions is another company that has shown interest in the field of IoT. Motorola Solutions aims to utilize its large telecommunication network in order to develop a better platform for its IoT devices in the future.

Computer Printing Leader Zebra Technologies:

Zebra Technologies is an American company that manufactures and sells computer printing technology. Recently, the company transitioned to IoT by launching Zatar, their own cloud-based IoT service. Zatar is an ARM® mbed-enabled cloud service that enables fast and secure transfer of information between devices and applications.

More futuristic IoT projects include Libelium’s smart parking kit that will work with the whole smart city concept to help you find parking spots and Bigbelly’s smart waste and recycling system that aims to link waste management to the cloud. These are only 2 of many examples of IoT projects that will be changing the world.

Wondering How IoT Will Impact Your Industry?

On October 6, 2016, PreScouter partnered with GE Healthcare to discuss how the Internet of Things will shape healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, consumer goods, and other industries. Bill Shingleton, Technical Lead at GE Healthcare, a company recently named as one of the most powerful in the IoT space, gave a special presentation on how they are positioning themselves to leverage this new technology and functionality.

Watch the full presentation here:

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