Apps for Basic Health Issues

Apps for Basic Health Issues

By Shehwar Ali

It can take quite a while to book an appointment with a doctor for a routine checkup. Sometimes, you have to wait for at least a month for your scheduled appointment. At times, you might find yourself stranded some place with no access to a clinic or a hospital. You could even be at home and notice an abrasion or unusual rash on your skin wondering what it could be. All these scenarios can be scary, but there is no need to panic.

Countless phone applications are now available that can help you identify the underlying cause. These applications are dramatically changing the way healthcare is perceived. The solutions offered are inexpensive, immediate and efficient.

App developers are competing to provide better and quicker solutions. This means that better results are offered at relatively lower costs. These applications can even help you diagnose your symptoms and help you in prescribing medication for yourself.

Micromedex Drug Reference Essentials

You can download this app for just $2.99 from the iTunes store. Micromedex can help you determine proper drug use and provide drug recommendations. You can also use this application to find information about a particular drug i.e.  intake and possible side effects. This is a simple app, yet it offers in-depth information about drug usage.

John Hopkins ABX Guide

This is a detailed reference guide, and it gives you the ability to search for medical information concerning treatments and medications for various illnesses. It can also provide you with drug information like recommended dosage and side effects. This app also provides you evidence-based recommendations which can give you a better idea if the drug is suited to your lifestyle.

Red Cross First Aid

This application is perfect for when accidents strike. This app gives you detailed and step by step information on how to deal with the situation. It deals with scenarios ranging from asthma attacks to broken bones. It also features multiple quizzes that provide safety information concerning natural disasters such as tornadoes. It also preloads the entire content upon the initial download, so you do not have to have cellular service to view the content.


Glassesoff is a unique app that would save you a trip to your ophthalmologist. This application offers multiple exercises to train your eyes. These exercises help to enhance the way your brain processes images.

First Derm

As the name indicates, this is an application developed specially for your derma needs. This app helps you to determine if a bump, bite or a rash might be harmful to for your body. The way it operates is unique. It sends your information anonymously to a dermatologist who responds in eight, twenty-four or forty-eight hours. It also provides directions to your nearest dermatologist or pediatrician.
These applications can help you deal with medical issues on your own if you do not have access to a doctor or if you feel like the problem is not too serious.

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