PreScouter and GE Healthcare IoT Summit Recap

PreScouter and GE Healthcare IoT Summit Recap

By Amanda Elliott

It was a stormy, but an informative evening at Loyola University’s Schreiber Center on October 6, 2016. For one night, PreScouter clients, healthcare professionals and IoT experts came together for PreScouter’s annual summit in Chicago, IL. This year’s topic was the Internet of Things as told through the business model of the 124-year-old startup, GE Healthcare.

IoT Summit Attendees:

Attendees enjoyed two hours of networking in the Schreiber Center overlooking the city skyline. There was a diverse group of companies ranging from healthcare incubators like MATTER and the American Medical Association to innovation leaders like Chicago Inno and corporations like Verizon, IBM, and Ecolab.

IoT Summit Speakers:

The presentation began with an introduction of disruptive technology and innovation by PreScouter’s Chief Scientist, Ashish Basuray, Ph.D.

Keynote speaker, Bill Shingleton, Ph.D., Technical Lead at GE Healthcare followed by presenting on how the Internet of Things is changing how physicians and doctors can monitor health. Shingleton also included a broader view of the Industrial Internet of Things and it’s real-time impact on various industries.

“Clinical practitioners believe technology is trying to replace them,” Shingleton said as one of a few ways including data security and lack of collaboration as the biggest risks that the healthcare industry will struggle with as they adapt Internet of Things technologies.

IoT Summit Video and Slide Deck:

In case you missed the event, below is a full recap of the slide deck from PreScouter’s IoT presentation. For the audio version of How will the Internet of Things Impact your Industry?, please see PreScouter’s YouTube channel, which includes past presentations on Graphene, Phase Change Materials, Synthetic Biology and other disruptive technologies. 

PreScouter will further explore IoT in an upcoming IoT Webinar. Two of PreScouter’s Project Architects have also compiled an IoT report available this October.


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