Internet of Medical Things: Industry Roundtable Webinar

Internet of Medical Things: Industry Roundtable Webinar

By Amanda Elliott

The Internet of Medical Things, also called healthcare IoT, is the niche focus of connected medical devices.

As hospitals and private practices start to implement Internet of Things technology, there are many exciting advances to monitoring and improving patient’s health, while there are also very real concerns for transitioning medical health records to the cloud. One of the main setbacks is the amount of data that can be stored. Not only is the sheer volume an issue, but then also analyzing the data.  And more importantly, the security of patient’s medical records.

Now let’s look at the added benefits of this disruptive technology. The Internet of Medical Things has already started a new wave of at-home healthcare, where physicians can monitor patients from afar. And researchers are already working on developing wearable technology to conduct at-home health screens and physicals, among others.

PreScouter, a company that provides corporate innovation leaders with the data and insights on which to base product development and R&D planning decisions, invites you to learn about how competitors are using Internet of Things (IoT) to disrupt the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries through an exclusive PreScouter webinar on the Internet of Medical Things.

In this Internet of Medical Things webinar, PreScouter partnered with guest speakers in healthcare to specifically address how Internet of Things will impact pharmaceutical and healthcare through a series of questions. 

Internet of Medical Things Experts:

This webinar included featured guests and Internet of Medical Things experts moderated by one of PreScouter’s project architects and authors of the recent report, “Internet of Things”.

Alok Tayi is one of the guest speakers. Alok is the the CEO at TetraScience, an Internet of Things platform for R&D. TetraScience connects scientific instruments to the cloud and streams the data to a single online dashboard.

Alok Tayi

The other webinar speaker is Neil Schappert, founder and president of PilotFish Technology, and CEO of its wholly owned subsidiary, Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration.  The PilotFish companies provide middleware products and services that enable the rapid interoperability and integration of disparate systems and devices.

Internet of Things Report:

For more in-depth answers, this  Internet of Things report addresses smart hospitals, manufacturing, and more.

At PreScouter, we help companies find the most innovative solutions to any challenge. Contact us today and challenge us with yours!

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