Wireless Innovations in the Audio and Healthcare Industries

Wireless Innovations in the Audio and Healthcare Industries

By Shehwar Ali

Once upon a time, every electronic device had a wire or cord dangling from it. As technology advanced, cords became thinner and thinner until they finally disappeared. The wireless revolution took the world by storm and still continues to leave us in awe at what levels and industries wireless technology can be applied.

What’s New in the Audio Industry and World of Bluetooth Headphones?

One of the most prolific recent advances that audio technology has shared with us is ‘wireless connectivity’. With a pair of Bluetooth headphones, for example, incompatibility is never an issue nor are tangled cables.

New audio wireless technology is now equipped with noise cancellation features, consequently offering the best of both worlds. The noise cancellation feature allows a user to concentrate solely on music/audio, blocking out all the external and unwanted sounds.

Another incredible concept in the making is bone conduction. Bone conduction is an advanced technology where a user listens to music from a part of the body other than the ear. It’ll allow users not only to listen to audio recordings privately but also to keep an ear on their surroundings.

Wireless Technology and Healthcare

Healthcare-related wireless technologies are taking self-health monitoring to the next level. Whether it is your sleeping habits, physical activities, or heart rate- Fitbit is there to collect the data for you. Even arrhythmias, blood glucose levels and blood pressure can be measured by simply having the app on your smartphone.

This wireless technology is giving accurate, detailed and real-time information on daily basis. A number of disorders can be detected at very early stages. So, we don’t need to wait for something to happen, we can simply catch the symptoms beforehand. Your wearable devices, diagnostic apps and the data associated with them are linked to the health system allowing your healthcare physician to keep a record of your minute-to-minute health.

Hence, your physician can pinpoint the exact issue or in case of any probable chance for a disease, he can even recommend things in advance. So, do you remember the last time your doctor called to inform you that he has noticed something off in your body, and wants to see you urgently? Never!! Because no one ever has. We use technology to make our lives easier in all aspects of life – why not for healthcare too?

Image courtesy of pixabay.com

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