How is wearable technology changing Halloween?

How is wearable technology changing Halloween?

By Jesse Bereta

Halloween is around the corner and with it the scares and excitement. Over the last few years, we have seen how technology has influenced the frightening season with decorations that jump, and candy bowls that shake. But, what about what we are wearing? Is there any new tech that can put your costume over the top this year?

Wearable tech has come a long way; it can prevent sports injuries, and detect asthma attacks. While your tech still cannot tell you how much candy you are going to eat Halloween night, there are some fun new ideas in what to wear. It may depend on your creativity; a smartwatch makes a decent start to a James Bond costume. Or, you may be looking to invest in a winning outfit.

Workable tech costumes:

Nothing says high tech like robots. Today, there are many options for a complete robot look, including a pink pig-tailed female bot, or a robot with an LED screen built in the chest. If you have money to invest then becoming a robot is the most tech-savvy choice.  You can even become the legendary tech hero, Iron Man!

Wearable LED lights are making Halloween night come to life. Now, you can become a glow-in-the-dark stick man. For a more classy look, you can trim your finest clothing with bright light strings. There are also hats and t-shirts available for working video games built right in.

Smartphone tricks:

It wasn’t till a few years ago when tech really started to change the costume game. We were all blown away a few years ago with the YouTube video of a man that seemingly had a hole through his abdomen. The trick is performed using two iPads on either side of his body that would simultaneously record and share what the opposing camera was viewing, creating a see-through image. The mastermind behind this high tech costume is former NASA engineer, Mark Rober. Over the years that followed his popular Halloween trick, Rober has created many new tech-savvy designs.

Rober began by perfecting his first trick by designing shirts that would hold your phone. With a downloadable app, the screen would become a moving eyeball or pulsating guts that would show through a window at the front of your clothing. Rober went further, building masks and prosthetics that would depend on the same app, launched through his company Digital Dudz.

Halloween safety:

Although tech is doing a great job at scaring us, it can also be used for more practical means. Wearable tech is helping to keep our little trick-or-treaters safe. LED bracelets are helping to keep children viewable in the night. Parents can feel more assured by giving their children GPS trackers and know where there goblins and ghouls are headed all night long.

It is hard to find any aspect of our lives that isn’t impacted by technological developments. And, Halloween is no different. You can keep an eye on your kids, make sure your home isn’t being egged, all while winning the costume party with your high tech outfit.

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