Apple iPhone X Review: What is right and wrong about the newest iPhone model?

Apple iPhone X Review: What is right and wrong about the newest iPhone model?

By Kristen Bentley

The X might stand for the tenth anniversary of the phone that changed the world. But, after using the device for a week or so, the X seems more like a symbol of the unknown. The Apple iPhone X is a beautiful phone with several features that separate it from the rest of the smartphone crowd. But, there are also several issues that Apple should have realized before its release.

It’s been 10 years since the first iPhone shocked the world and changed the way that we communicate with each other. So, when Apple announced the iPhone X, the world took notice. Apple’s promises for this phone were big. The phone does live up to the hype, but only some of the hype.

Let’s look at what works:

The cameras are good

The phone has cameras that defy the imagination. On the back of the phone, there are two 12-megapixel cameras that take shots that rival an expensive professional digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. Shooting portraits is pure joy. These are ideal, but the camera in the front is slightly less so. The front-facing 8-megapixel camera is housed in a little notch that breaks up the shiny screen. Some might find the notch a small nuisance, but the camera has to be somewhere!

The rear-facing cameras shoot video in regular speed and in slow-mo all with HD quality and image stabilization. There are also several apps that can turn the iPhone camera into an adjustable SLR camera, allowing for adjustments to light sensitivity (ISO), focus, and more. The front-facing camera is designed for selfies, so they no longer have the odd depth issues that plague earlier phones.

Falling in love with speedy charging and the wake up tap

Charging speed is fast. Like Samsung, the iPhone X sits on a charging pad and charges quickly. If you do use wireless charging, be sure to align the phone properly on the charger, or it will not charge. The iPhone X has the ability to charge quickly, if you choose to use special cables that do not come standard. The claim is that the phone will charge 50% in 30 minutes.

The final good thing about the iPhone X is the quick tap. When you hit the screen, you can see the time and notifications. The phone wakes up, but that’s it. You need to move to the next step, FaceID, to get into the phone.

What’s not good?

Face ID and no home button

The missing home button is a problem. Instead of using fingerprints or passwords, the iPhone X uses technology called Face ID. This involves setting your face as the ID and having the phone scan it every time you want to access your apps. The set up is quick and easy, but using Face ID is a nuisance. When you want to use your iPhone X, you have to be sure your face looks the same – every  single time. Consider how you look after you get out of the shower, if your hair is in your face or if you rest your face on your hand. It is a lot of work to always look the same. Alternatively, Face ID can be turned off and replaced with a passcode. The phone, however will have to be elevated to wake-up as the lack of a home button is somewhat annoying.

Swiping down is problematic

The other problem with the iPhone X is the direction of the swipe. To access the control panel on earlier iPhone models, users had to swipe up. The iPhone X requires users to swipe down. This change makes no sense, especially with the design of the camera on the top. The bottom is wide open, but the top is cluttered with the camera, the icons, and the notifications. This design flaw is just as irritating as the issues with Face ID.

Fragile glass everywhere

This new iPhone X feels like the most fragile model yet. It has glass everywhere, even on the back. The cost to replace the glass will certainly put a dent in your wallet, unless you buy AppleCare. The front glass will cost $549 to repair without AppleCare and $99 with it. The 10th anniversary edition should be more durable than the earlier models.

Glitches that need fixes:

Along with the app problems, there are a few glitches that users are reporting. They include:

  • Image outlines that burn into the screen
  • Phones that stop working when the temperature drops
  • Persistent green line that appears on one side of the screen
  • Speakers that crackle when the volume is turned up

There are workarounds for these glitches and Apple is working on permanent fixes. To avoid screen burn, turn down the brightness. In cold temperatures, locking and unlocking the screen will activate the phone. Apple is actually replacing phone that have the green lines. Finally, Apple is suggesting that users not turn their iPhone volume all the way up and they suggest using Apple brand EarPods instead of other brands of earbuds.

Final thoughts:

So, is the iPhone X worth the high price? Not necessarily. The phone is $999, but it does not come with a wireless charging pad, AppleCare, or the Apple Watch. It does have a beautiful, 5.8-inch, display of Super AMOLED with 16 million colors. But, for the price and with its flaws, there are other phones that are actually better. It might be worth it to wait for the second generation.

Featured image by Francisco Fernández from Pexels.

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