The Best Tools to Maximize Sales Revenue from Your Existing Leads

The Best Tools to Maximize Sales Revenue from Your Existing Leads

By Sofiane Boukhalfa

What tools can help automate your email outreach, find more qualified leads (like decision makers in R&D) and lead to increased sales revenue?

Numerous products have been developed to increase productivity at every stage of the sales cycle. Depending on the stage of the sales cycle, there are applications and products to helpApp features include everything from qualifying prospective clients, working new leads, organization of leads and email campaigns (automation) to helping pinpoint leads through analytic techniques allowing more time to concentrate on closing sales. Because sales and marketing is such a vast and growing area, there are many up and coming competitors dedicated to streamlining the sales cycle, so it is important to note that the oldest products, like Boomerang, are the most used. But what other applications for optimizing the sales cycle are available?

Chrome extensions for prospecting and qualifying leads:

The following Chrome extensions simplify the lead generation process. Each tool offers something different than the other, depending on which platforms your prospects are most likely to be found on.


One tool to research accounts, build prospect lists and find email addresses is Datanyze. Datanyze integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) and sales communication platforms. It also allows easy retrieval of email addresses from LinkedIn accounts. can look up contacts in Gmail, LinkedIn & Twitter. A big plus is that it works with other apps like Boomerang, Rapportive, Hubspot, Buffer, Hunter, Yesware & Right Inbox.

Rocket Reach

Rocket Reach allows you to search over 500 million professionals across 6+ million companies. The social and contact information on RocketReach is 2x-4x more accurate than Connectifier, Prophet, Datanyze, Clearbit, Email hunter,, Rapportive, Hubspot, Lusha, Salesloft,  Name2email, Sidekick or Talentbin.

Boomerang alternatives for managing emails and automation:

Managing emails has never been easier with all the different tools now available. Boomerang, one of oldest email managing tools, is a leader in email productivity. It offers a number of options from scheduling emails to actually optimizing the email text to increase the likeliness of receiving a reply. But, what other email productivity tools are out there? Here are our top picks for alternatives to Boomerang.

Gmelius (Chrome)

The main features of the Gmelius Chrome extension include (and at a lower cost than Boomerang):

  • Protect your privacy by blocking email trackers.
  • Save time by using templates to compose emails.
  • Be more organized with their integrated To-Do App.
  • Improve your workflow by receiving automatic read receipts.
  • Personalize Gmail to fit your habits and workflow.


The Mixmax Chrome extension permits the user to send engaging emails with instant
scheduling, free unlimited email tracking, polls, and surveys right in Gmail.

The Chrome extension offers you more control over how you use email. It lets you set reminders to reply to emails, schedule emails to be sent later, and track when your emails are opened. This extension can help you use email for sales more effectively.


SalesHandy email tracking tool (also a Chrome extension) for Gmail allows you to know whether your sent emails have been read or not. You can get detailed email analytics of your sent emails from Gmail too.


YAMM (Yet Another Mail Merge) is an add-on that allows the creation of email campaigns from Gmail and Google Sheets. It is a great tool for sending personalized emails, forms and newsletters to multiple recipients with Gmail and tracking the success of your email campaigns.


HelloSign’s Chrome extension offers legally Binding electronic signatures capable of allowing up to 20 different people to sign digitally, and everyone will get an e-copy sent to them after signing. It is compatible with Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, and OneDrive…so that client can sign on whichever platform they like most.

Full Contact

The Full Contact Chrome extension is for keeping track of business cards. It is based on taking photos of business cards to digitize them. This cloud-based address book allows control of social, email, and mobile contacts from one dashboard.

Mapview ( formerly Sales Navigator)

Mapview is available on iTunes. This app helps keep track of associate contacts, locations, and appointments by syncing with iOS devices. The app also enables users to map out appointments on Google maps. It’s a great tool to stay organized and visually identify data.

Base CRM

Base CRM is an all-in-one software. With Base, you can manage customer relationships by storing automatic call records, emails, and notes on a single card for each prospect. You can easily keep a record of what’s been discussed with them. It also contains productivity features like email templates, and real-time notifications when a prospect opens an email, which could help decide when (or if) to reach out. Base also allows you to assign leads to sales reps, sync the app across all of your devices, and access your information while offline.


ToutApp increases productivity with the power of templates, tracking, and analytics. It is a single sales platform that can be utilized by your entire team to helps salespeople close more deals.

Our recommendations:

If prospecting new clients is not a current issue and finding methods to improve productivity are one of your greatest concerns, Gmelius offers more features as an alternative to Boomerang and boasts customers such as Snapchat, Uber, Salesforce and Nielsen.

Toutapp also offers a great deal of features at a low price to the consumer wishing to enhance productivity. The key feature that is the most striking is the analytics involved which monitor emails to determine what is working and what is not to book meetings, close deals and grow accounts.

Interested in exploring more technologies that will increase your company’s productivity? Feel free to reach out to our Strategic Accounts Manager, Linda Cohen at

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