Why the global age demands global-age skills

Why the global age demands global-age skills

By Naseem Javed

Fear not the times, rather fear the illiteracy of being unable to read the times. In today’s work reality, physical work is being replaced by “smart” work, and smart work is being replaced by smarter machines. The masters of robots will be the smart unlearners, while the slaves of robots will be the deniers of change. 

How do we harness abundantly available brilliance and integrate the latest ideas and technology to fit national and global marketing platforms, create superiority of performance to match global competitiveness, and commercialize this innovation with speed and quality while creating both value and sustainability? What does it take to establish entrepreneurialism as bloodstream and global accessibility as lifeline? What does it take to achieve all this in real time with minimal cost and maximum impact?

Mental industrialization:

The mind must become functionally capable of understanding the multidimensional aspects of any micro or major global enterprise and its rate of bounce with multioperational states, like when the mind not only fully understands how a car engine really operates but also how to maneuver a car in busy traffic. Super complexity and hyperspeed must go hand in hand and in real time. In this way, a trained mind capable of complex understanding and problem solving at speed becomes superbly integrated between mixes of technologies, varied nations, cultures, and local customizations. 

This is how leadership performance with “mental industrialization” by the management team must be able to demonstrate new and deeper skills to face the challenges of global diversity and digital platforms that are intertwined with national and global agendas. Advanced study of future technology and a robotized workforce is a prerequisite; new socioeconomic challenges will be dealing more with emotional intelligence to cope with brand new frontiers, where management becomes like a tactical complex motherboard to manage integrated AI systems and massive robotized operations. Anything less in corporate and entrepreneurial performance will keep the pace of progress way below par. The nation seeking supremacy of innovative performance must identify such voids and figure out new high-level national programs to uplift a large percentage of their enterprises and global-age exporters.

Maze reconciliation:

The final objective of only making money has very limited value when in the corporate maze; the art of value creation is not only far superior to the art of value manipulation, but also ensures sustainable and humanistic operations. 

Cold facts and warm realities:

The world is undergoing mega changes. Nations are already flooded with massive innovations but lack massive commercialization. They have an overabundance certifications and degrees but seriously lack entrepreneurial direction. Nations have empty incubators and exhausted accelerators but are looking for real estate tenants. Nations have economic development programs but often without reality punch. Nations have trade bodies that are stuck in the last century’s models and are collapsing in this new global age. Nations have unlimited resources and technologies but lack execution and understanding. It’s all there, but trapped in old cycles and old methodologies. 

Using smart technologies and entrepreneurialism, it is time to mobilize national-scale programs for this rapid-paced transformation.  It is time to acquire the new skills needed to bring all young and old entrepreneurs under a large umbrella, supported by subject matter experts, for a major makeover of the midsize economy of a nation.  And it is essential to involve women as an essential part of this entrepreneurial team. Just observe a mother and see how she allocates minimal resources and stretches these resources to build a family.  We can learn from this dedication and focus. Around the world, newly awakening women are transforming themselves and marching ahead. Women are born entrepreneurs, and nations are neglecting this hidden force. The questions are: How do we bring all these ideas together as workable options? How do we curate and assemble authoritative discussions and debates for this pragmatic agenda? 

The silence of incompetence: 

Corruption is very bad, and bureaucracy is, too; but incompetency is worse, as it breads the two. To detect incompetence, do not look for the crazy mad-drunk elephant in the room but rather for the silent strangle of an anaconda, choking all dialogue. To break loose, create intelligent discussions and authoritative debates, and engage all in new enlightenment. Silence is the proof of lingering incompetence.

How will trade wars be defeated by skills wars? How will enabling local entrepreneurialism lead to the prosperity of nations? And how will the five billion connected alpha dreamers (i.e. the globally smart-connected world getting smarter by the hour) change the world?  When we answer these questions, boldly and on local and global stages, we’ll be pushing forward to prosperity. Fear not the change rather the refusal to change.

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