Author: Francois Callewaert


Are Quadrotor Drones Going to Invade our Skies?

– Starting from a couple millions of dollars in 2010, the quadrotor drone market has exploded...

A Combination of Electric Cars and Solar Energy Could Tackle Global Warming

– Global warming has been identified as one of the main challenges of modern society, as...

Taxibots: The Possible Future of Personal Transportation

– It is 7:30am. You just had your breakfast and are now leaving your building with...

The Solar Revolution

– If you are wondering what will be the main source of energy in the future,...

Evolution of Electronic Devices: From a Computing Age Towards a Data Age

– Do you remember back in 2000 when scientists promised you that soon a single chip...

A Revolution in Power Electronics with GaN and SiC

– Did you know that 10% of the electric energy is lost during the conversion from...
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