Author: Giulia Pacchioni


Rise up and walk: An electronic dura mater talks damaged neural tissues into working again

– Every year, up to 500,000 people suffer a spinal cord injury (SCI), which most likely...

How Genetically Modified T Cells Can Block HIV

– Even though HIV can today be kept under control, meaning that infected patients can have...

A New Antibiotic Kills Bacteria Without Resistance

– by: Giulia Pacchioni, PreScouter Global Scholar One of the big worries of the modern world...

3D Printed Mud Houses

– Humans have been building houses from mud for more than 9000 years. Now, a new...

How a Transparent Window Coating can Harvest Solar Energy

– MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, MICHIGAN, USA. The sunlight coming through your window as you read this...

A Device Acting as a Bionic Pancreas to Treat Diabetes

– Imagine having Type 1 diabetes, and living with the disease, without worrying about your blood-sugar...

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