Author: Justin Starr


Open Innovation in Automotive: The Cadillac Paradox

– In 2014, the automotive industry was abuzz with talk about Cadillac. For years, the brand...

Artificial Intelligence for Everyone

– To the average person, artificial intelligence (AI) is more science fiction than science fact. While...

Graphene: How This Miracle Material is Transforming Every Industry

– In the 1940s, plastic was portrayed as a “miracle material” by the American chemical industry....

Be the Disruptor, Not the Disrupted

– In the past 25 years, modern society has undergone a number of significant changes due...

GMOs Facts vs. Myths

– by: Justin Starr, PreScouter Staff Scientist Problem: Public Concern About Genetically Modified Organisms Genetically Modified...

Ebola Treatment

– by: Justin Starr, PreScouter Staff Scientist Problem: Ebola, a deadly threat? The recent outbreaks of...

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