Author: May Alelin Pagal


Implanted Microchips for Employees

– In today’s modern world of business, who wouldn’t want productivity, efficiency, and convenience rolled into...

Algae as Fuel Alternative

– As non-renewable energy sources are gradually being depleted, we must find potential renewable means to...

Check Your Glucose Level Without the Prick

– UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA (SAN DIEGO), CA, USA. According to the National Diabetes Statistics Report of...


– Biomimicry, the emulation of nature’s blueprints and processes to come up with solutions to human...

Pizza Hut Eye-Tracking Technology Identifies Your Cravings

– In this day and age, life offers everyone a multitude of options. How does a...

The Market for Terahertz Products will Reach $570 Million by 2021

– The electromagnetic spectrum covers all the different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. This includes wavelengths we...

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