Author: Paula Hock


RFID: A Technological Revolution

– RFID technology has changed the face of many industries– including various areas of transportation, but...

New Airport Security Measures Allow for Cancellation of Laptop Ban

– Back in May, we published an article on the laptop ban and outlined all of...

Commercial Drones: An Emerging Market

– When the average person thinks about a drone, they typically come up with one of...

A ‘Jetsons’ Reality Is Closer Than You Think

– With recent buzz surrounding automation, most notably autonomous vehicles, the next question to ask is what...

From Hyundai Recalls to Tesla’s Unprecedented Crash Tests, Auto Industry Updates

– With so many auto makers currently active in the market and developments made every day...

Trump’s Infrastructure Plans: What Can Be Learned from Global Examples?

– This week, President Trump began to announce his vision for the future of U.S. infrastructure. It...

The Airplane Laptop Ban: Everything You Need to Know

– You’ve probably seen a variety of news headlines and articles on the laptop ban and still...

Uber: Unregistered Transportation Company or Online Platform Pioneer?

– Founded in 2011, Uber has since grown its ridesharing app operation to 570 cities worldwide,...

Space: Tourism’s Next Big Disruptor

– Adventure tourism is about to take one giant leap forward. Soon, rather than booking a...

Air Traffic Control of the 21st Century

– Technology Basics NextGen or Next Generation Air Transportation System is a new air traffic control...

From Paper Airplane to Metal Airplane: Boeing Thinks it Has Found the Perfect Middle Ground

– In the last several weeks, the race for commercial airliner market dominance has become a...

Is America on Track for High-Speed Rail?

– The transportation industry sees continual technological advancements. Soon we will be living in a world...

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