Author: Sanda Berar


IoT Industrial Revolution: Towards the Next Societal Disruption

– [Part 1] “IoT represents the next major economic and societal disruption enabled by the Internet...

Wearables and Predictive agents: Towards Better Behaving, Cognitive-offloaded Humans

– “A general “law of least effort” applies to cognitive […] exertion. The law asserts that...

IOT Persuasive Applications: Getting the Environment to Help in Achieving our Goals

– One of the most attractive applications for consumer IOT consists of creating a physical environment...

Internet of Things – A Challenge of Imagination

– “Everything connected” is arguably the hottest topic in the technology world right now – even...

Will Wearable Technologies Impact Human Behavior ?

– I’ll make it clear from the beginning – I am biased. I have been, since...

Innovation for Middle-Managers in Large Corporations: 101

– I am educated as a software engineer and for 20 years I have worked in...

Successful Product Innovation in Large Corporations

– How do you know when to look for structure and efficiency, or when to embrace...

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