Author: Susana Gonzalez Ruiz


Innovation in Highly Complex Markets: Lessons from BJ Adaptaciones

– The innovation model of BJ Adaptaciones, a company specialized in designing solutions adapted for people...

A Smart Tool that Could Change How Computers Manage Information

– Intranetum, a smart knowledge management tool for companies could be the next big thing in...

How Innovation Occurs: Lessons from Sports

– The history of tennis and the high jump shows us that major innovations may emerge...

Solar Deckchair with Phone Charger Created by User Entrepreneurs

– BB Energy Group, a Spanish innovation-based startup founded by user entrepreneurs, has created a solar...

How Nice Fruit Achieved the Impossible: Fresh Frozen Fruit

– Nice Fruit is an example of how universities can be the source of revolutionary innovations...

The Multiple Dimensions of Design-driven Innovation

– By: Susanna Gonzalez Ruiz The design company Lékué shows us that radical innovation is multidimensional...

The Role of Constraints as a Driver of Serial Innovation

– by Susana Gonzalez Ruiz Focused on the importance of resources and strategies, the key role...

The Biggest Innovation Killer: Inertia

– To change things, to innovate, we need to do one thing: stop. Stop to fix...

Want to Innovate? First Learn What Your Team Actually Does!

– If we don’t understand what our employees really do and how they do it any...

Lessons Microsoft Has Learned From Their Innovative Customers

– No matter how good our products and services are, as designers we cannot predict how...

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