Author: Shakir Sayani


Vitamin C: A Potential Breakthrough in the Fight Against Cancer

– A recent breakthrough study from the laboratory of Lewis Cantley at the Weill Cornell School...

What Overeating Can Do to Your Body

– It has perhaps happened to all of us sometimes in our life: the urge to...

A Breakthrough Drug in the Treatment of Malaria

– Malaria is a parasitic condition caused by the Plasmodium falciparum parasite and remains one of...

Behold the Power of a Drop of Blood

– What if a single drop of blood could tell us about every single virus that...

A Breakthrough in the Potential Treatment of Obesity

– It should not come as a surprise that there has been a global increase in...

Insecticide use is affecting Swedish wild bee populations

– If we gaze upon evolutionary history, it will reveal that bees are an important ancient...

Calcilytics Offer Hope for Asthmatics

– Millions of individuals suffer from asthma, a condition that leads to severe airway constriction, followed...

What is lurking on your skin?

– We almost undoubtedly look at ourselves in the mirror, each morning, as we step out...

So long psoriasis: A promising new therapy beneficial in combating this stubborn skin disorder

– Like most cells in our body, the cells that comprise our skin undergo a timely...

Why preservatives are bad for your health

– We are always advised to eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole...

New Cancer Drug-delivery Technology Takes Center Stage

– One of the major challenges in combating cancer is the limited number of effective treatment...

Preventing the Spread of Cancer

– Cancer is defined as a condition whereby cells disobey rules governing normal growth and division...

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