Author: Vasambal Manikkam


PreScouter exclusive: Novel sugar replacement touts 80% sugar reduction

– In a press release published on 14 February 2019, Holista CollTech Ltd announced the end...

Sugar reduction innovations: 5 companies with sweet solutions

– The food and beverage industry is under constant pressure to reduce the amount of added...

Food recalls: The why and 5 plausible innovative solutions

– Food recalls are constantly in the news headlines on a global level. Food recalls can...

The future of food: What will we be eating in 20 years?

– If we go back in time, the “Future of Food” concept began nearly 15 years...

Natural alternatives to chemical food preservatives: Plant-based is the new trend

– Artificial food preservatives revolutionized the food industry to ensure a longer shelf-life of food products....

Infographic: Properties and Side Effects of Artificial Preservatives

– In a previous article entitled, Why preservatives are bad for your health, we presented scientific evidence...

What are the applications of nanocellulose in packaging?

– Have you ever wondered about the strength of steel? Well, you will be surprised to...

Nanocellulose: Nano in size, tremendous in strength and endless in applications

– This article is one of two articles that will cover the potential applications of nanocellulose...

What are the top 5 innovations in sugar reduction in 2017?

– One of the most prominent global phenomena in recent years is the growing conversations around...

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