Autonomous technology and all of its related areas are truly the future of the automotive industry. What may be surprising to some outside of this industry is the sheer breadth that this focus entails. Major automotive OEMs, suppliers, and aftermarket manufacturers need a second set of eyes (and perhaps a third, fourth, and fifth) with a keen eye toward technological development to help them navigate this landscape. In fact, PreScouter’s highly-skilled research teams have examined startups and developers of novel power generation methods, intellectual property filings for interior designs and technologies, changing electrification standards as they relate to PHEVs and HEVs, and more.

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Automated logistics: The future of freight Article
22 January 2021

Automated logistics: The future of freight

New technologies are changing the way we transport things. With advances in autonomous control technologies, user interfaces and experiences, smart multimodal communication systems, and more, the logistics industry...

An Overview of Drone & EVTOL Regulations White Paper
02 June 2021

An Overview of Drone & EVTOL Regulations

According to the latest drone numbers, 70.5% of registered US drones are recreational, but these proportions may soon decline in favor of commercial uses. Civilian drones, as of...

Blockchain in the Automotive & Logistics Sectors Sample Briefing
08 June 2021

Blockchain in the Automotive & Logistics Sectors

Blockchain technology simplifies and speeds up processes, reduces risks, and increases transparency and trust between parties. The use of blockchain technology offers a clear impact to the profitability...


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