Analyzing the waste-to-jet fuel sector

Analyzing the waste-to-jet fuel sector

About the client:

As a major player in the waste management industry, the Client, a provider of engineering, procurement, and construction services for waste incineration, wanted to better understand the waste-to-jet fuel space and its potential threat to the existing waste incineration industry.


In this Research Support Service Project, the Client approached PreScouter to gather more information on waste-to-jet fuel technologies, starting with Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), mixed plastics, and biogenic waste markets. The Client also sought to learn about the challenges and costs associated with this type of operation.


PreScouter worked to provide a comprehensive view of the existing space by:

  • Identifying waste-to-jet fuel key players and their technology readiness.
  • Compiling information on technology challenges and costs.
  • Determining SAF targets for Europe and North America to estimate MSW share required.
  • Consulting with SMEs to validate analysis and reached out to top vendors for partnership interest.


The PreScouter team estimated the amount of waste needed for the waste-to-jet fuel pathway to satisfy all the national SAF targets and determined if this presented a risk to the Energy-from-Waste industry. Additionally, the team identified 12 players converting MSW to jet fuel and reached out to 2 of the most advanced companies in the field.

A downloadable version of this case study is available here.

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