Assessing market opportunities in the growing optics, sensor, and RFID sectors

Assessing market opportunities in the growing optics, sensor, and RFID sectors

About the Client:

The Client is an equipment supplier for the semiconductor industry.

The Challenge:

The Client came to PreScouter to assess market opportunities in the following 4 new and growing areas in order to facilitate entry to these markets:

  1. Automation in package logistics
  2. 3D vision
  3. Surface inspection
  4. Camera module alignment and testing (CMAT)

The Client requested specific detailed information about each market, such as:

  • Automation: End customer requirements, key driving factors for the market to grow, and capabilities required to implement software integration
  • 3D vision: How sensor technologies differentiate among competing companies and major players and partnerships in this niche market
  • Surface inspection: A tech roadmap for glass makers and customer profiles
  • CMAT: A tech roadmap for cellphone cameras and the impact of the cellphone market on the overall CMAT market


Due to the high demand of technical proficiency backgrounds, PreScouter put together a research team composed of Advanced Degree Researchers (ADRs) from their global research network with ample expertise in the relevant areas. To complete the project, PreScouter took a three step approach.

First, PreScouter thoroughly examined the landscape of startups and major players in the 4 markets, categorized by applications, and listed key information, such as technology specifications and marketing highlights.

The second step focused on the automation market. In consultation with the Client, a short list of the most interesting targets was created. PreScouter conducted a deep-dive investigation to conduct due diligence on each of these companies, leveraging the market information, patent analysis, and interviews with stakeholders to provide solid support for the final recommendations.

For the final step, Prescouter conducted a financial analysis, a patent analysis, and interviews with key stakeholders to solidify the recommendation quantitatively.


The PreScouter team provided a total of 5 deliverables to the Client, including 1 landscaping result, 3 due diligence results, and 1 market & patent analysis result. In total, PreScouter shortlisted 15 companies with more than 200 products from the market, conducted 45 due diligence investigations, and interviewed 1 Subject Matter Expert (SME).

PreScouter produced for the Client a report of over 400 pages summarizing their insights and organized all reference information.

Impact of PreScouter’s Work:

This engagement allowed the Client team to quickly grasp the market opportunities, technology trends, and major competition landscape, from high-level industry insights to detailed technology and financial information. This work also highlighted some potential acquisition targets and technology partners for the Client, laying out a practicable strategy for the future.

A downloadable version of this case study is available here.

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