Analyzing the competitive landscape of chromatography products

Analyzing the competitive landscape of chromatography products

About the client:

The client, a major manufacturer of chromatography products, was looking for new opportunities as part of its ongoing product and business development strategies.


In this research support service project, the client engaged PreScouter to map out the competitive landscape, unmet needs, and potential opportunities in products for high- and ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography.


PreScouter provided an overview of the main competitors and upcoming players in the liquid chromatography (LC) product space. The team leveraged subject matter expert interviews to understand the end-user challenges and needs, along with recent developments on the OEM development and procurement side. PreScouter used a mixture of interviews and questionnaires to gain high-level as well as specific insights into inflection points that were driving purchasing decisions for LC products. 


PreScouter’s panel of experts classified the client as a leader in the space. The panel also identified several points to improve, including communication with new and existing customers and product collateral. In addition, they also identified key technical specifications for products. PreScouter built a procurement decision tree that helped the client understand which stakeholders were taking part in the buying process and which quantitative inflection points were being used in deciding to go for one manufacturer over the other. Lastly, upcoming players were evaluated and considered low to medium risk in the next 3-5 years.

A downloadable version of this case study is available here.

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