Developing novel veterinary rheumatoid arthritis therapeutics

Developing novel veterinary rheumatoid arthritis therapeutics

About the Client:

The Client was a major biopharmaceutical company looking to develop new therapeutics for horses that are informed by developments in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in humans, as most solutions for animals were addressing the symptoms, not the underlying disease.


The Client engaged PreScouter in this Research Support Service Project to learn about new rheumatoid arthritis therapies for dogs and horses as well as what clinical indicators could be used in clinical trials to predict success. The challenge for PreScouter was to develop an understanding of what the current options for rheumatoid arthritis treatment were, what strategies will be used to treat this disease in the future, and which of these approaches may be valuable for the Client to pursue in the treatment of horses.


PreScouter began with a mixture of primary and secondary research. The team dug into a large number of clinical trials of compounds of interest to determine what clinical indicators (type and magnitude) could be used to anticipate success in a compound. 

The PreScouter team then performed interviews with Subject Matter Experts and used that information to flesh out their conclusions and develop a better understanding of the equine rheumatoid arthritis space.


The Client was able to use the insights PreScouter provided to begin developing more effective rheumatoid arthritis solutions for horses.

A downloadable version of this case study is available here.

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