Finding New Markets for a $2B Aerospace and Defense Company’s Technology

Finding New Markets for a $2B Aerospace and Defense Company’s Technology

About the client: 

The Client is a $2 billion aerospace & defense company.

The challenge: 

The client had developed an advanced training and simulation technology used across the aerospace and defense field. The Client asked PreScouter to analyze new commercial markets and potential acquisition targets in order to provide the Client with a basis for expanding its business base for training and simulation into adjacent markets.


To tackle the Client’s challenge, PreScouter put together a multidisciplinary research team composed of advanced degree researchers and experts from Precouter’s global research network. The research team worked to identify and qualify markets where the client’s military and training experience could be applied as a business and included identifying:

  • The top 2-3 training providers within each market
  • Any niche markets that would require advanced simulations within the next 5-10 years


PreScouter utilized a top-down and bottom-up analysis of the market through identifying relevant players and their offerings, and by analyzing the market and technology dynamics.  Based on this analysis, PreScouter honed in on the top 10 markets that could benefit from the Client’s advanced training technology.  

Within those 10 markets, PreScouter identified market forecast information, market cap by specialty/industry,  and current use cases to gain insights on what kind of value the Client’s technology might bring to the field.

Impact of PreScouter work:

PreScouter provided the Client with a thorough understanding of which commercial markets may benefit from the Client’s technology in the next 5-10 years and created a pipeline of specific opportunities for the client to explore more extensively. 

Further, PreScouter created a penetration and sizing model of the target market, which allowed the Client to assess and analyze the market under various use cases and constraints. This model allowed PreScouter to forecast the adoption of the Client’s new technology offering in relevant markets over the next 5-10 years.

A downloadable version of this case study is available here.

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