Identification of contract manufacturers to produce a new household cleaning product

Identification of contract manufacturers to produce a new household cleaning product

About the Client:

The Client, a major manufacturer of household products, was scaling up a process to produce a new line of household cleaning products consisting of particles with an inner polymer shell and an outer powder coating using a fluidized bed dryer. They were seeking co-packers to produce these products as tollers.


When the Client came to PreScouter, they had identified 2 tollers; but they could only produce 10% of the target volume of 100,000 tons per year, and purchasing the equipment to run the process in-house was cost prohibitive. The challenge for PreScouter was to assist in accelerating and validating the Client’s search for potential co-packers.


PreScouter characterized qualified potential co-packers by using parameters outlined by the Client and information available through the public domain such as trade publications, company websites, startup profiles, patent applications, press releases, market research reports, and white papers. Then they reached out to selected companies to secure any missing information. In order to provide key industrial insights regarding the applicability of these potential partners, PreScouter consulted a Subject Matter Expert in fluidized bed drying.


PreScouter conducted outreach to a total of 68 companies and identified 5 potential partners. In addition, the team identified 2 companies that could sell the required capital equipment at a lower cost.

Impact of PreScouter’s Work:

PreScouter’s insights enabled the Client to more quickly scale up the production of their new product line while saving on their capital investments in the project.

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