Identifying the best biofuel and suppliers to lower maritime transportation emissions

Identifying the best biofuel and suppliers to lower maritime transportation emissions

About the Client:

The Client is a Major Mining Company.

The Client set a goal of reducing the carbon intensity of their maritime supply chain by 40% before 2030 and showed interest in using biofuels to lower the GHG emissions of their maritime transportation operations. They were looking for biofuel producers and suppliers in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region that could fulfill their maritime requirements.


The challenge for PreScouter in this ongoing Research Support Service (RSS) License was to conduct research into the available fossil fuel alternatives for maritime applications, landscape the producers and suppliers of biofuels in the APAC region, and determine in which countries it would be most profitable for the Client to purchase the fuel.


PreScouter investigated fuel alternatives including FAME biodiesel, HVO renewable diesel, bio-LNG, bioethanol, and SVO to determine which would best be able to meet the Client’s needs.

Next, PreScouter identified 28 suppliers of that fuel in the APAC region and compiled key information, including fuel type, certificates, annual capacity, partnerships, experience, and business strength. These were prioritized based on factors such as annual production capacity.

Finally, PreScouter assessed the policy frameworks and subsidies available in the countries of interest to the Client.


PreScouter determined the best biofuel option for the Client, identified potential suppliers of that biofuel in the Asia Pacific region that could meet the Client’s needs, and highlighted the countries offering the most profitable incentives for the purchase of that biofuel.

Impact of PreScouter’s Work:

The Client used the insights provided by PreScouter to begin communications with a great number of the companies identified, in several countries, to acquire the product.

A downloadable version of this case study is available here.

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